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Ferro Silicon (FeSi)
A wide range of ferrosilicon alloys are available for alloying and deoxidation purposes in steelmaking processes. Elkem supplies ferrosilicon to the steel and steel related industry. Ferrosilicon is an important additive in the manufacture of steel products. Our main markets are the worldwide producers of alloyed, stainless and carbon steel, as well as the producers of manganese alloys.
Ferrosilicon is used to remove oxygen from the steel and as alloying element to improve the final quality of the steel and also it is used as an additive to increase the Si content in grey and ductile iron foundries. Silicon increases namely strength and wear resistance, elasticity (spring steels), scale resistance (heat resistant steels), and lowers electrical conductivity and magnetostriction (electrical steels). Special FeSi like low Al, High Purity and low C ferrosilicon are used in the production of special steel qualities for transformers/motors, ball bearings and shock absorbers, tyre cord steel and in stainless steel.
Ferrosilicon grades
Elkem produces ferrosilicon at Elkem Iceland, at the Elkem Bjølvefossen plant in Norway and Elkem Chicoutimi in Quebec, Canada. The production programme covers all grades of ferrosilicon:

  • Standard Grade Ferrosilicon
  • Low Aluminium
  • Low Carbon
  • High Purity (low Titanium)

All grades with 75% or 65% Si

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