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elkem-asilayicilarInoculants are FeSi based alloys which contain carefully balanced amounts of active elements designed to control the microstructure and mechanical properties of cast irons. These are produced both at the Bremanger plant on the west coast of Norway and in Chicoutimi, Canada.
For many years, Elkem’s flagship inoculant has been the world famous Superseed® inoculant, probably still the most widely used in the production of grey iron globally. Today we have a portfolio of inoculants designed to cover a wide range of applications in all cast iron segments.
Inoculant grades and applications
Elkem’s high quality inoculants are especially designed to serve most requirements in grey, compacted and ductile iron production.
Alinoc® inoculant is designed to promote ferrite in ductile irons and at the same time provide a high nodule count and no carbides.

  • Barinoc® inoculant is a good general purpose inoculant and has found wide applications in the inoculation of low sulphur grey irons and as a first stage inoculant in ductile iron.
  • Foundrisil® inoculant can be used successfully in grey and ductile irons as ladle or stream inoculant. The potency of this inoculant makes it ideal for both compacted graphite irons and in high silicon ductile irons.
    Reseed® inoculant is a powerful material widely used in the treatment of low base nucleation ductile irons, such as those made with pure magnesium or wires.
  • SMZ® inoculant is one of the oldest inoculants in the book and still widely used as stream and ladle addition in low pouring temperature irons.
  • Superseed® inoculant is still the most widely used inoculant in the treatment of grey irons. The powerful chill removal properties means lower application rates and this leads to a reduction in shrinkage tendency. Superseed® inoculant is available in a 50% silicon version to give more penetration into the metal stream and may be used at low pouring temperatures.
  • Superseed® Extra inoculant is mainly used in grey irons of lower sulphur level. It gives a much more refined and even graphite flake size, thus aiding machinability. This inoculant is now finding application in specialist ductile irons.
  • Ultraseed® Ce inoculant was developed based on fundamental research into the nucleation mechanism of ductile iron. This unique and patented product adds elements important for nucleation in exactly the right place and at the right time. A powerful inoculant which can be used as an alternative to the damaging bismuth containing materials.
  • Ultraseed® Zr inoculant is an alternative to Ultraseed® Ce inoculant and finds application where rare earth has to be limited, for example irons susceptible to chunky graphite.
  • Vaxon® inoculant is a general purpose inoculant for use in all irons. Balanced additions of the essential active elements calcium and aluminium ensure consistency in performance and good casting properties.
  • Zircinoc® inoculant is a good all round inoculant which shows powerful inoculating characteristics. Widely used in foundries producing both grey and ductile iron, as well as different grades of ductile iron, for example high silicon irons.

Alinoc®, Barinoc®, Foundrisil®, Reseed®, SMZ®, Superseed®, Ultraseed®, Vaxon® and Zircinoc® are registered trademarks owned by Elkem AS.

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