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Elkem Foundry Products

Ferro Allloys (Nodularisers, Inoculants, Pre-conditioner and Cover Materials),  Recarburisers and Ferro Silicons (FeSi) for Foundries

elkem1Increasing demands from end-users and the development of new alloys to meet weight and strength demands have presented new challenges to the iron foundry industry. Elkem has developed packages of alloys combined with technical services and R&D to meet these requirements;
A range of over 100 nodularisers to suit every ladle size, design and capacity means that there is an alloy which will give the optimum magnesium recovery in your foundry
Elkem’s portfolio of inoculants provide the ideal level of nucleation to maximise mechanical properties and reduce shrinkage, poor graphite forms and chill in all irons
Backed by an experienced sales force and a global Technical Service Team, Elkem is the ideal partner in providing solutions to the iron foundry industry.
Recarburisers are used in high-grade steel, grey and ductile iron castings. Elkem’s Elgraph® recarburisers has proven to give the best performance on dissolution rate, carbon recovery and with the lowest nitrogen/hydrogen content. The unique production technology, located in Norway, is the foundation for the high quality carbon additives.
A wide range of ferrosilicon alloys are available for alloying and deoxidation purposes in steelmaking processes. Elkem supplies ferrosilicon to the steel and steel related industry. Ferrosilicon is an important additive in the manufacture of steel products and it is also used as an additive to increase Si content in foundries. Our main markets are the worldwide producers of alloyed, stainless and carbon steel, as well as the producers of manganese alloys.


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